Walden's Vision and Mission

Topics: 21st century, Academic degree, Education Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Walden’s Vision and Mission

The vision of Walden is to apply 21st century educational standards to its learning community, creating an environment where graduates can efficiently apply what they learn to challenging situations to solve problems in their respective communities and functioning as scholar-practitioners. The university's mission to combine the diversity of the professionals in the community for bettering themselves from their education at Walden and becoming agents of societal change (Walden University, 2012) speaks clearly to the standards and opportunities that the university offers. 

Walden’s vision and mission has played a critical role in my university of choice as it speaks to my interest of becoming a practicing professional as well as my desire to obtain a high level of education that is recognized regionally and internationally. It is my personal goal to achieve a PhD in psychology or counseling or any field that offers human services. I have a great desire for working with young people and I believe that if I am a role model to them, my actions should also speak to them. By pursuing my Masters, I hope that they will find value in the opportunities that they have now and understand that it is never too late to go after their dreams or pursue academics.

I am very pleased with Walden as it seeks to transform my knowledge into a more practical setting. Moreover, Walden uses traditional schools of thoughts as it relates to the subject matter, but is constantly aware of new and current schools of thoughts, recognizing that as time changes so too does behaviors and ideologies. It is important to me also that Walden with great enthusiasm has made the paradigm shift from the 19th century education to a 21st century venture. This creates an avenue where all the technological advancement can be applied to educating people in a flexible yet timely manner. The use of this type of education has made it possible for people all...
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