Critique of Walden Two

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  • Published : January 29, 2013
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Critique of Walden Two

The behavioral practices shown in Walden Two produce a self reliant and efficient adult. The first topic that I felt strongly about was education. The way education is viewed in Frazier’s utopian world is brilliant. Compared to the Walden Two educational system I find the grade-based school system slightly barbaric. The second topic that interested me is adolescent reproduction, which was encouraged in Walden Two also. It interested me on how Frazier structured the educational system in the minds of adolescents and how they can handle the weight of parenthood. I like how the Walden Two educational system sees the school as being the family. It helps the child to trust the system more, and shine to their best of their own abilities. I feel as though the grade-based system is inadequate in that regard. Most of the students that are raised in a grade based system are groomed for competition, similar skill levels, and reinforcing themselves based on the negative. I agree with Frazier, when he says that all children grow differently. If a child was to learn something based on what intrigued them versus what was forced into their mind, I feel that children would reach their full potential faster. The children in the grade based system are constantly being put against each other; always striving to do better than someone else. Yes, in our world a little competition can’t hurt, but when you think about how much more can be accomplished when the only person you’re competing against is yourself, it clarifies some things. In Walden Two, I agree with Frazier when he tries to do away with outside reinforcement. He focuses mainly on self- reinforcement and self-utilization. You make yourself better and in turn, better the community. Everyone has their own skill level and is never pressured to be like someone else. If anything it generates a more efficient community, because it provides the means for collaboration and communication....
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