Academic Freedom: U.S. High School and College Diversity

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  • Published : July 7, 2012
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Erwin McRae
June 27, 2012
ENC 1101
U.S High School/College Diversity and Academic Freedom U.S. high schools and colleges campuses each reflect the diversity of today’s world. Preparing a student body that is a microcosm of the community. Each within the boundaries set forth by society. . The demographic makeup of todays classroom is rapidly changing Not so long ago in the U.S. it was possible and even probable the overwhelming majority of your classmates were of the same ethnic background. Although it is still possible, in all likely-hood in today’s high school the ethnic and cultural make-up will more likely reflect the surrounding communities in your area and the state in which you live. Similarly, in U.S. College’s diversity is to be expected. In the U.S. Black and Hispanic students are 14.8 and 13.5 percent of the undergraduate student population respectively. According to projections these groups will make up 42 percent of the student population in 2019. This projected increase is mainly attributed to the expected 30 and 45 percent in expected overall growth in Black and Hispanic populations compared to 7 percent growth for white students. (U.S Department of Education Statistics March 2011). It must be noted that this doesn’t account for the myriad of other immigrants from all over the world who also call America home. Can academic freedom actually be achieved on the high school and college level in the U.S.? According to the definition of Academic Freedom is: (The freedom of teachers and students to express their ideas in school without religious or political or institutional restrictions). Throughout the U.S., there are different types of high schools; some private schools are founded with a specific agenda in mind. Their private funding may allow them a certain amount of control. In contrast, for the majority of students who for whatever reason have to attend public schools, it is debatable...
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