Waisting Money

Topics: Crime, Mexico, Mexican Drug War Pages: 3 (964 words) Published: December 5, 2012
Jason Boyce
English 103
Argumentative Essay

Wasting Money on Security Something must be done about the US/Mexican border situation. We continue to waste money on a system that is clearly not working while the US needs to use that money to document and register these immigrants to make it safer for Americans and Mexicans.

A common debate has always gone on about the US/Mexican border. Especially the last few years because of the many illegal Mexicans in the US. People view these illegals as job stealers and threatening US security and the border should be forever sealed and blocked from these intruders. But there are too many holes in that theory, such as, maintaining a border that is too big, dangers the illegals face crossing and the big problem; the cost. It’s funny because at one point the US allowed the Mexican workers to come over get employment and now we build a huge wall keeping them out. In fact, it wasn’t a real problem until the economy started falling and more people became jobless. Then people started pointing fingers. They think the illegals are taking their jobs, but if we documented them and allowed them in we would be able to help stop companies from hiring them at lower wages. That will then help us who are unemployed because the people hiring would not look for illegals to hire at less than legal wages. Another issue is what about the fact that in 2005 more than 500 Mexicans died trying to cross the border. Mexico’s Security of the Commission of Population; Borders and Immigration Issues; Edmundo Martinez, says that 1.5 Mexicans die everyday trying to cross the border. Most of them either die from the conditions of their journey crossing or they get shot by border patrol. It is even known that the Mexicans are sometimes killed by Mexican cartels for trying to cross in their territory. Lots of them are even...
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