What Is Illegal Immigration Doing to Our Country?

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  • Published : June 23, 2008
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What is Illegal Immigration Doing to Our Country?
Illegal immigration is a controversial topic discussed in our country everyday. An illegal immigrant is anyone who has illegally crossed some kind of border whether it is by land, water, or air. These people are undocumented, unauthorized and unnaturalized people. In America’s case, these immigrants usually come from the south where the neighboring countries such as Cuba and Mexico reside. Some also come from Canada, but it is not too common. Should illegal immigrants be allowed to live in our country? Is there something that one can do to be legally allowed in the states after being illegal? These illegal immigrants are both beneficial and harmful our country. Whether it is with the economy or with other people, illegal immigrants are both beneficial and detrimental to our country.

Immigrants have been crossing borders illegally ever since the American boarders were created. It was only recently that illegal immigration has affected our country as greatly as it has. These immigrants have affected our country and its economy tremendously.

Illegal aliens cross our borders and come to our country for many different reasons. The main reasons are that these people either want to live a better life with a better job, emerge out of poverty (Simon), or to be reunited with their families (Vital) or even both. There is a big problem with legal citizens marrying, or trying to marry, illegal immigrants. Many people travel back to their homeland to never be able to return to the United States for 10 years (Vital). Furthermore, Lance Corporal Gutierrez left the underprivileged streets of Guatemala to illegally come to the United States and enlist in the Military in search of a better life (Vital). He gave his life up for a country he was unwanted in. He died for a country that frowns upon people like him. These people are in quest of a life that many Americans take for granted, a life that will allow them to live...
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