September 11th and Immigration in the U.S.

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  • Published : May 19, 2013
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Since 2001, when September 11th happened, many people in the United States have developed a fear of allowing immigrants into the U.S. It went to levels of border control and more. Therefore some judge that immigration is a threat to the U.S. They should not consider that because everything that occurs is not due to immigrants. The government can stop illegal immigration right now but would it not affect the U.S. more to do so? Restrictionists claim that large-scale immigration-legal and illegal-has depressed wages, burdened government resources, and acted as a net drain on the economy. Thus, if immigration was eliminated, the U.S. would have fewer workers. With a reduction of workers, money would be less therefore, causing the economy to plunge. People come to the U.S. to work and make a living, why would the government want to stop that? “If Americans would simply cut their own grass, clean their own houses, and care for their own children, there would be no need for immigrant labors”. But even if this were true, the overall economy would hardly benefit from having fewer workers. Without immigrants, the economy would not flow smoothly because the workers make the jobs and economy better. Third world immigration is not a threat to America’s way of life because immigrants work, immigrants participate. Immigrants that come into the U.S. are not coming to harm anyone; they come to work and make a living. Hispanics and other races usually want to find a job and the U.S. has good quality jobs. Despite the presence in our workforce of millions of illegal immigrants, the U.S. is currently creating slightly more than two million jobs a year and boasts an unemployment rate of 4.7 percent, which is lower than average in each of the past four decades. Therefore, the U.S. consisted of several illegal immigrants that worked. That shows that they’ve done no harm. Just worked and made a living a majority of the time. They are good workers and as the...
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