Border Fence

Topics: Smuggling, United States, Mexico Pages: 5 (1456 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Espinoza 1
Connie Marie Espinoza
English 1302
Ms. Pedraza
December 4, 2012

“The American Dream Faces a Nightmare”

Before the Border Fence was built on August 29, 2008, America was facing and still is facing one of the gravest threats ever. The lack of security and law enforcement agents, has caused so much havac and danger to the citizens of America and Mexican residents. We the citizens of the United States of America are in extreme danger with all the activity going on in Mexico, that is vastly spreading into the U.S. The drug cartel, human trafficking and terrorists are on the rise; we are forced to put up a permanent barrier to prevent and protect our country from these horrifying acts. The barriers are strategically placed to migrate the flow of illegal border crossings along Mexico and the United States international borders. Construction supporters cite to ongoing escalation of national security risks, relating to cartel border violence and their possible co-operation with overseas terrorists. Opponents claim the barriers are a taxpayer boondoggle and that the barriers are inappropriately jeopardizing the health and safety of those seeking illegal entry into the U.S. They also claim it destroys animal habitat, because it prevents them from reaching food and water. Some argue that the fence and construction of it damages the environment. Federal Agents and Border Patrol Agents agree that the border fence works great and also say it is one of the “best investments our country could have ever made.” Prior to the fence being built thousands of illegal immigrants were crossing over to America, the crime rate and illegal activity was detrimental. Residents couldn’t even go outside after sunset without fearing for their lives and safety. Drug cartels used a new tactic in the escalating street violence between the cartels themselves and Mexican authorities by setting off car bombs. Earlier this year during Spring Break vacation, travelers were being warned to stay out of Mexico, due to the rising number of kidnappings and disappearances. If you entered Mexico in a truck of SUV they would either kill you for your vehicle or take you hostage for ransom. Laredo, Texas is the largest border crossing in Texas. Laredo is also a hotbed of drug and human trafficking, as well as a victim of constant struggle between rival drug cartels Espinoza 2

and crime syndicates. Nogales, Arizona is a hotbed of illegal immigration, special agents are trying to stop human smuggling activities by the coyotes on the border. There is constant tension between landowners and migrates caused by crime and drug activities that have put a financial strain on public resources. These smugglers are taking crops and agriculture from local residents/farmers and stuffing them with drugs to transport and distribute them illegally. Jan Brewer said “we are out here in a battlefield getting the impact of all this illegal immigration, and all the crime that comes along with it.” Arizona leads the nation in narcotics seizures, they suffered 368 kidnappings in 2008 and had the highest property crime rate in the U.S. Before the border fence, Arizona suffered 30,916 violent crimes in 2006, by 2009 it dropped by fifteen percent down to 26,094. With the crime rates in our neighboring borders President George W. Bush decided to pass a bill known as The Secure fence Act of 2006. He claimed it was going t o...
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