Vulnerable Population: Domestic Violence Paper

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  • Published : September 18, 2011
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Although assistance is now available to those who need it, domestic violence is still a problem that must be dealt with. The victims of domestic violence have real problems that need attention, but it seems as if the issues these people face are not top priority. There are multiple things that are going on in a domestic violence situation, but to someone on the outside looking in, the obvious choice would be to get out of the situation and leave.

History of the Domestic Violence Population
Domestic violence wears many different masks and is even accepted in some societies. Many different cultures around the world have been and continue to be affected by the results of domestic violence. The term, “domestic violence,” was first used in its modern context in 1977. (Suryanarayana, Vangapandu & Himabindu & Kanthi, 2010) The act of abusing a person or persons has, sadly enough, a long history. The ancient art of binding the feet is one that is deeply rooted in Asian culture and is still practiced to some small degree today. Women that were raped or engaged in premarital sex, or even cheated on her husband were, in some cases, put to death. Women were historically viewed as less important than men, so it was ok to prevent them from voting until the 1700’s. These things along with forced prostitution and slavery, had at one time, made it, “ok” to mistreat women because they were viewed as property. The negative treatment of women was not only allowed but accepted in some cultures and was carried to the United States in the form of another cultures customs and practices.

The Nature of Social Problems
The nature of domestic violence from the abuser’s standpoint is one of control. At work or in their personal life something somewhere went wrong for them and now they are experiencing a lack of control to affect the world around them. Anger builds within the individual, sometimes fueled by drugs or alcohol, and then they explode into a rage on the one...
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