Vulnerable Adults

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UK Health and Social Care System with the effect of policies and legislations in England Health care system

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Literature review3

Health service is defined as a top most service that is related to the diagnosis and treatment of disease, or the promotion, maintenance and restoration of health (Capezuti, Siegler and Mezey, 2007). There are personal and non personal health services. In UK, National Health Service (NHS) launched in the year 1948. Now it is the world’s largest publically funded health service. The health service in NHS is adorned with efficiency and comprehensive to provide maximum help and support for the needed people. Social care is defined as a profession where people work in partnership with those who experience marginalisation or disadvantage or who needs special care and support, vulnerable people leaving in the community and in the residential care ( Miller, Vandome and McBrewster, 2009). The policies and the legislations for support the caring and supporting the elder people are very important and it should be cared by each health professionals and by the society ( Care quality commission provides the assurance for the quality of care and support for the residence in the care homes residential homes with the support of policies and legislations in the England. The aim of this essay is to identify the law that is related to vulnerable adults is the lack of resources. Literature review

In definition, a vulnerable adult is a person aged over the sixteen and not able to protect or take care of himself. There are number of reasons behind it; they are illness, physical disability, mental illness, drug or alcohol dependency and old age. The children act 1989 offer social workers and local authorities a clear legal framework to go along with their duties and obligations. This act is to provide maximum help and support for the children with its significant resources. This act got passed on the basis of simplifying the child care legislation that is exciting (Gupta, Playfer and Bhowmick, 2008). However, it is clear that for vulnerable adults it is difficult to find out a unifying statue, but instead there is some fragmented legislation that is difficult to locate and implement in an effective way. As the reason for a social worker and other care provider it is difficult to carry their skill, knowledge, experience and sensitivity for the support of the vulnerable adults. In this particular area, mental health legislation and community care lead the provision of services offering some regulations and guidance. But there are some confusion can be found out these regulations and guidance for the health providers. As the result it is a confused area to provide the needed duties and obligations from the part of the care providers. It is clear that there are some specific written policies to support the vulnerable adults, however with the involvement of different agencies in the protection of vulnerable adults it is still in confusion thinking that who is the right responsible to provide help and support. To rectify all these problems, NHS trust, social service department and all other related health services organisation should work together for a better result. But unfortunately this is not the case. Care in the community

According to the Health and Social Care Bill 2011, it gives an importance to the care , general health and other social issues. The social issues and care is very important and it should be cared by the medical professionals and other publics. The care and support for the adults in the society is very important and it should be valued for each and every persons especially by the health professionals. The Health and Social Care Bill was introduced in 19 January in 2011 in the parliament and the major part of this include with the modernisation in the...
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