Continuum of Care

Topics: Nursing home, Home care, Geriatrics Pages: 3 (1093 words) Published: March 18, 2013
We as people are all faced with the same issue of getting older or possibly becoming sick to the point that we are not able to do our normal activities on a daily basis. Getting older means that the retirement stage is on the horizon and it also means that our health may start to decrease. Even though anyone can get sick at any age, elderly people are more likely to become sick just because failure of the immune system. If a person breaks a bone, they may have to have some type of rehabilitation. In the event that something happens to us and we are not able to take care of ourselves there is a service that can help. This paper will give a general background behind long term care; provide a brief description of the services provided by long term care; and give the future trends of long term care. What is Long Term Care?

In most cases when people become too old or sick to take care of themselves they require assistance from other people. Many times a family member is not able to care for their loved one so this is where long term care comes into play. Long term care services include non-medical and medical services for people who have a disability or some type of chronic illness (Medicare). Long term care services were designed to assist people with support services to help with normal routine activities such as putting on clothing, taking baths, and going to the bathroom. Long term care can consist of social services, skilled nursing care, rehabilitative therapies, and palliative care (Medicare). Who needs long term care?

A large amount of the people who receive or require long term care services are at the age of 65 or over. There are only 37 percent of people under the age of 65 requiring long term care (KFF). Many of the people who receive long term care require this service for a lifetime. The children who come into this world with severe physical impairments, developmental disabilities, or a degenerative disease often need care throughout...
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