Vrin Framework

Topics: Apple Inc., IPod, Desktop computer Pages: 3 (731 words) Published: December 4, 2012
VRIN Framework
Resources| V| R| I| N| Explanation|
Software| iTunes, continuation of current strategy.| | | | | iTunes still holds the majority of the market share, showing positive effects. However, becoming less rare as similar software is produced, which allows synchronization of the apple product without iTunes, such as Copy Trans.| | iWork, invest in redeveloping product| | | | | Redeveloping the product would certainly increase the value and demand for the products, and innovative and very new as an idea and functionality increasing its rareness however, does not have any effect on other aspects. As mentioned before (in Organizational direction and Evaluation of strategic choices) the target is to use right marketing to enhance sales.| | Final cut Pro X, develop two products for casual and professional users.| | | | | Production of two versions of the software would increase the value, as consumers have a choice depending on their financial allowance or level of knowledge in the area. Rarity of the product also increases as only large companies have the funds to do so. Moreover, while casual version may be imitated by others, professional version would take large funds to imitate. | | Improved software testing, to avoid another iMaps problem.| | | | | The value of the product would rise back to where originally was, unless some innovation does not take place. Improving software would not have significant effect on rarity and other aspects, as google offers the exact or better services, as other small private producers.| Desktop Computers| Discounts and free training to large corporate firms.| | | | | If such strategy is implemented successfully the value of Apple iMacs would rocket, while demand and profits grow. Rarity of this strategy can be debated, as Microsoft does not have the need to follow such strategies; however there are other operating systems that do not intend to implement the strategy as their...
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