Vowel and Introduction Onomatopoeia

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Key words: Onomatopoeia, Function, Origin, Nature of Onomatopoeia.

Onomatopoeia is very important not only in our oral language but in our literary language like poets. It is not easy to have a study on them because of its tremendous number and complex pronunciation system. This small article mainly focus on the origin of onomatopoeia, the function of it and the pronunciation of these words. The most important thing is the connection between the vowel symbol and the sound it indicate. Through examples, I think the main thoughts can be expressed clearly.

1、The Definition and Origin of Onomatopoeia
1.1 The definition of onomatopoeia
To learn this word, we'd better refer to some different English dictionaries and compare the explantions one by one. In the LONGMAN DICTIONARY OF CONTEMPORARY ENGLISH dictionary, the definition is the use of words that sound like the thing that they are describing, like 'hiss' or 'boom'. In the ADVANCED LEARNER'S English-Chinese Dictionary (the sixth edition), the explanation of this word is the fact of words containing sounds similar to the noise they describe, for example hiss or thud; the use of words like this in a piece of writing. Compare the two definitions, we can clearly conclude three points: the function, disadvantage and its sphere. First, this kind of words are used to simulate or imitate the sound of other things they make, including all the noises we hear in our daily life: the sound of nature, the sound of machine, the sound of everything no matter what they are or whether those sounds are pleasant or not. Secondly, the disadvantage of this kind of words is that it is just an act of simulation or imitation, so the pronunciation of one onomatopoeia is not totally the same with the real sound made by other things. There is and should be some fine...
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