Analysis of the Setting in Domby and Son by Charles Dickens

Topics: Syntax, Semantics, Verb Pages: 3 (960 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Analysis of the Setting in Domby and Son by Charles Dickens
Define the atmosphere and the mood of the text. What lexico-semantic groups of words (i.e. words having a common semantic component) help in creating the mood of the text. The general mood of this text is gloomy and dismal. We can see it owning to adjectives and verbs such as cold and grey, Shady, dark, dreadfully genteel, blackened, frown and the others. What epithets contribute to creating the gloomy atmosphere of the outside of the house? How do the colour adjectives add to it? what connotations do the attributes (dismal, smoke-dried, gaunt, etc.) possess? Which epithet is repeated four times to accentuate the general mood of the text? The author creates a gloomy atmosphere of the narrative by epithets such as the shady side, a tall, dark, dreadfully genteel street, bared windows, dismal state, blackened trunks and branches, nightly failure. Those adjectives have a dark tinge which makes this gloomy atmosphere that Dickens creates. The author repeat many times epithet with an adjective dismal witch possesses connotation of dark color and perfectly portrays the general mood. Speak on the choice of words creating the macabre, sinister atmosphere of the text. Mostly these are adjectives with connotation of dark color.

Analyse the “barred windows” and “crooked-eyed” images. What effect is produced by the personification? What meaning do the words ‘frown’ and ‘leer’ intensify? Those epithets are used for underline particularities of these details.It’s produced effect of personification like if the house has its own soul ans character. The words ‘frown’ and ‘leer’ intensify darkness of the narration. Speak of how the visual and audial picture of two gaunt trees is created. What part in the general effect is played by the onomatopoeia (rattled rather than rustled)? The author describes the trees in order to emphasize the gloom at home. The house itself and its surroundings induce depression. The...
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