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  • Published : August 4, 2011
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Submitted by:

Antonio, John Leo

Castro, Angelo

Grafe, Alfredo

Vasquez, Bobby

Submitted to:

Prof. Maria Carmela Racelis

Date of Submission

July 14, 2011


Our propose system scopes the transformation of the manual system of blessed Elena academy auditing on their students information about payments, balances, fees, school activities updates, report card every grading period into a computer based system that can help them a lot in auditing and monitoring their student records. It is just simply like an information kiosk on our university which can be found at ST gate and CS gate wherein they can access easily their information such as their grades and balances and other important details on their own.

We would like to propose this Information and Internet kiosk systems to utilize similar software and hardware and Information kiosks are designed to provide access to one or more focused applications, such as browsing schools/student's information or learning about schools available services. Internet kiosks, on the other hand, provide on-demand access to a wide variety of Internet sites, email, and more providing aspects of both. Whether you are working on computer information kiosks or an Internet kiosk system, we make sure that the software offers a secure, locked down environment and robust kiosk management tools.

We would develop our propose system at platform and sql as the database.

Propose System features:
1) Balance Inquiry
2) Account Details
3) Daily Grade Report
4) Information System for students
5) SMS Technology capable
6) Internet Access
7) School Activities Updates
8) Barcode ID for Entity Recognition

Users of the system
1) Students
2) IT personnel
3) Teachers
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