Online Enlistment, Clearance, and Classroom Management System for Cosmopoint International Institute of Technology

Topics: Unified Modeling Language, Software testing, Student Pages: 33 (6073 words) Published: July 18, 2012
Chapter 1
The Problem and Its Background


In the past, pre-enrollment systems took a lot of time to accomplish, from securing plenty of forms, to getting cleared, enlisting subjects, and scheduling. Some schools even have subject advisement before and after the enlistment phase. All these processes were done manually and were very time consuming. Now however, with the option of porting all these operations over the internet, they have become faster to do, more convenient, and easily scalable. This chapter will cover the current systems for clearance, enlistment, and classroom management of Cosmopoint International Institute of Technology (CIIT) and propose an online system to manage these tasks. It will discuss the background of the study, answering what the study is about, who is conducting the study, for whom is the study done for, etc. It will also include a profile of the institution where the study is being done along with a summary of the study. It will point out the objectives of the study, both general and specific, problems of the study, also both general and specific, and its scope and limitations. It will also show a conceptual model which would show how the project will be executed. Lastly, it will go over the terms used for the study and explain them in a simple manner. The objective of the study is to propose an online clearance, enlistment, and classroom management system for the efficiency of accomplishing these tasks and for the convenience of CIIT students and staff. The proponent of this study are Elaine L. de Goma. The study is being conducted in CIIT and the project will be implemented in the same organization. The study is being done because the current Enlistment and Clearance System of the school requires the students to go around the school looking for instructors and staffs to sign clearance forms and to queue in line repeatedly to submit or get other forms. The process can take an hour or so, or more if the student is unfortunate enough to arrive at the school when it’s nearing lunch break. An online Enlistment and Clearance System would enable a cleared student to enlist and get an assessment of his tuition fees from his house and only go to the school when he is about to enrol. Also, making the enlistment and clearance system online now will lessen the work needed to accommodate a growing school in the future. The classroom management aspect of the project is for the school’s administration so they can easily appropriate classrooms and schedules to subjects without the problem of overlapping schedules.

Company Profile

Cosmopoint International Institute of Technology (CIIT) is a proud member of the Cosmopoint Education Group (CEG) which started its history back in 1991 with the opening of our main campus in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Over the years, we have steadily emerged as the top ICT Education conglomerate in Malaysia garnering numerous awards and recognitions. As since, CEG has expanded having opened multiple branches around the world and affiliates in different countries like Australia, Canada, Indonesia, United States and the United Kingdom. In 2008, CIIT opened its latest branch in the ICT capital of the Philippines - Quezon City - to finally bring top notch ICT education to the Filipino people. With its aim to promote and further strengthen the quality of ICT education, CIIT offers courses in Graphics Design, Multimedia Arts, Software Engineering, Network Design and the latest upcoming courses in 3D Animation and Game Development. Backed-up by a major partnership with the country's most successful game development firm Anino Entertainment and most recently, IBM, students can be guaranteed top-notch curriculum taught by the very best professionals with years of experience and expertise in their respective fields. Along with powerful computers and recognized as an authorized WACOM Training Partner plus industry standard...
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