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I, Aroute de Voltaire, am a very important historical figure. My artistic and political views and actions had such a great impact on the world and I should be forever remembered for that. I was successful from the start. As I always defended my strong beliefs. These personality traits have always been most evident regarding my opinion of any injustices and especially religious intolerance. I did not let any struggles that I may have endured in my life hold me back. I used those things to fuel my determination and help me to become successful in my life. I was one of only three surviving children that my parents had. When I was only 7 my mother died. This resulted in me becoming more drawn to my sister. Later in my life her child would become one of my mistresses. My father never did approve of my dreams of being a writer. He was dead set on me becoming a lawyer. Doing all he could to squash my dreams and mold me into who he wanted me to be. Completely disregarding who it was that I wanted to be.

Any decisions I made I always stood by and that is part of why I was so successful so early on in my life. Regardless of my fathers feeble attempts at squelching my literary dreams such as sending me away to Caen, I stuck to what I truly wanted and knew was right for me. I later used my love for writing as a way for me to get my opinion and point across to those who otherwise may not have listened. My dedication and devotion to my beliefs was very evident in my 1726 altercation with Chevalier de Rohan. He made fun of where I am from and the fact that I changed my name. This ridicule I was not about to stand for, so I challenged him to a duel which resulted in be being thrown into Bastille only to be released on the condition that I leave the country. England saw Frances actions toward me as an injustice and welcomed me with open arms.

Upon publishing Lettres anglaises in France as a result of my living in England I was banned from living in France for even longer as...
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