Vision, Mission and Philosophy Statement

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  • Published : April 7, 2012
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Vision, Mission and Philosophy Statement

Daniel I. Roberts, Jr.

ECE 312

Professor Cassandra Murphy

March 12, 2012

Having a Vision, Mission, and Philosophy base is necessary for an early childhood program. Every teacher must have a source in which he or she can rely on as a way of maintaining order, structure, and interests in a classroom filled with young, eager students who are motivated to learn. Having such a base can instill wisdom in not only the children, but the teacher also. It can also help in improving the teacher’s teaching skills by introducing different, effective methods of teaching (Decker, Planning and Administering Early Childhood Programs (9th Edition), 2008).

A vision base is the most important base to inquire when teaching a classroom. My vision for my own classroom would be to conduct a classroom of structure, discipline, and in-depth thinking. I would want for all of my students to give it their all whenever I give them classroom assignments to complete. When it comes to establishing a vision base, I would lean upon Jean Piaget’s theory since it deals mainly with cognitive development. Based on my own beliefs, I feel that every student should have the desire to inquire knowledge. It helps them to grow mentally as they learn how to use words and syllables. I want them to be able to form sentences and carry on a conversation with an adult or another child. I believe that my students will become great achievers in life as they continue to enrich themselves in words, syllables, sentences, and languages (Cherry, Child Development Theories: Major Theories of Child Development, 2009).

A mission base is the second most important base to inquire when teaching a classroom. Every educator who teaches a classroom of children must have goals and objectives that they want to accomplish and what they want their students to benefit from. When it comes to establishing a mission base, I would lean upon...
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