Vision, Mission and Philosophy Statement

Topics: Developmental psychology, Education, Jean Piaget Pages: 3 (1021 words) Published: September 30, 2012
ECE: 312 Administration of Early Childhood Ed. Programs

Something every teacher must have is a vision, mission and philosophy on how they will maintain order, interest and structure in their classroom. All of these things are necessary for an early childhood program and to keep ones classroom filled with eager young children who are ready and motivated to learn. As a teacher I want a high quality of education, development and over all experiences for my students. Along with a safe and nurturing environment that promotes emotional, social, physical, cognitive and language development. Education has always been very important to me for a few reasons, one is because growing up I felt as if there were very few teachers who even cared. I want my students to remember me as the teacher who encouraged them and cared about their education and well-being. The second reason education is so important to me is because growing up I watched my father suffer due to lack of education. My father dropped out of school at a very young age to work on a family farm in order to help provide food for his family. Once he became older and the family farm was no longer my father was left with only a 3rd grade education. My vision, mission, and philosophy for my classroom would be to conduct a classroom of structure, fun, in-depth thinking, and discipline. My classroom will be a developmentally appropriate learning environment for all children. I would want all of my students to give each assignment their all while at the same time loving every minute of their assignment. I do not want their assignments to feel like chores or work I would want it to feel like play time all of the time. In my opinion and I am sure in many others children learn best when they are playing. Whether you are an adult or a child when it comes to learning something new it must be enjoyable...
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