Vision and Mission

Topics: Human resource management, Human resources, Ethics Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: November 28, 2011
Our Vision is ... |
 | | To be the most preferred company that brings Luxury in every home. |          
Our Dream Mission is to ... |
 | | Inspire people to live better & luxurious lives. |  | | Create a second earner to make an extra income towards the rising inflation. |  | | Provide the best business opportunity. |

 | | A Laptop for every home in India. |
 | | Deliver exceptional quality products to urban and semi urban homes. –best buyAt PUMA, we believe that our position as the creative leader in Sportlifestyle gives us the opportunity and the responsibility to contribute to a better world for the generations to come. A better world in our vision—PUMAVision—would be safer, more peaceful, and more creative than the world we know today. The 4Keys is the tool we have developed to help us stay true to PUMAVision, and we use it by constantly asking ourselves if we are being Fair, Honest, Positive, and Creative in everything we do. We believe that by staying true to our values, inspiring the passion and talent of our people, working in sustainable, innovative ways, and doing our best to be Fair, Honest, Positive, and Creative, we will keep on making the products our customers love, and at the same time bring that vision of a better world a little closer every day.Through the programs of (focusing on environmental and social issues), puma.peace (supporting global peace) and puma.creative (supporting artists and creative organizations), we are providing real and practical expressions of this vision and building for ourselves and our stakeholders, among other things, a more sustainable future.Fair honest positive creativeOur Vision: As a member of HSBC family which has been serving its millions of customers worldwide since 1865, to take our place among Turkey’s most powerful, most profitable, most admired leader banks.Our Mission:Having regard to ethical values; to meet its customers financial needs in...
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