Visa Processing System

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  • Published : October 25, 2012
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|Title of the Project |Visa Processing System | |Software Requirements |Operating System Server: Windows XP or later | | |Database Server: Microsoft SQL Server-2005 | | |Client: Microsoft Internet Explorer | | |Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio .Net-2008 | | |User Interface: Asp.Net with Ajax | | |Code Behind: C#.Net | |Hardware Requirements |Processor: Intel Pentium or More | | |Ram: 512 MB Ram | | |Hard Disk: PC with 20GB |


The project “Visa Processing System” is an automated system. It describes the process of applying for visa. There are so many visa types provided by the government like H1-visa, Dependent visa. Getting a Visa, Visa issuance is a very objective decision, and is not subjective. Every visa official has a list of requirements applicant looks for in a visa application. If they are met, then applicant issues the visa. If not, applicant doesn't. It is how these requirements are met that makes a visa decision seem subjective....
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