Viral Marketing Strategy in Magnum Ice Cream

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  • Published : December 15, 2012
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Fundamentals of Marketing
Viral Marketing Strategy in Magnum Ice Cream

IUP Business | 311367
Viral Marketing Strategy in “Magnum”

Over the years many customers in Indonesia are successfully influenced by advertising by either newsprint or electronic media. Now, the power of marketing is not by the advertising anymore, customers believe more on what people said. Nowadays, customers have more power compared to the past. It is triggered by the development of alternative media such as internet and mobile phone. It makes customers feel easier to communicate with others without limit. There are many things and topics to be discussed by customers in every occasion. Like conversation with friends, family, coworkers, etc. Many rumours which are related to some products (buzz) which are spreading in the middle of customers, either positive or negative one. That rumours called as “buzz marketing” or “viral marketing”“. As we knew, some time ago people get busy discussing how hard to find Magnum ice cream in social media. It was one of viral marketing strategy. That conversations was extended and became trend topics in social media like Twitter. Of course this condition is strengthen each brand on customer’s mind and otomatically increasing sales in the market. This condition obviously happened with good planning and campaign strategy that can create “buzz” in the society. Magnum ice cream’s campaign starts with Unilever hired some public figures who has many followers in their Twitter account. In a moment, tweet (the term in Twitter) from the public figure’s Twitter account spread widely to their followers. Also that promotion can be spread to more people because their followers will retweet it. They do not need to spend a lot of money to spread this promotion to over ten thousands people. Only with internet connection, that promotion can be done everywhere and everytime. Costs will be different if they use advertising in television or...
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