Violent Video Games, Aggressive Behaviour, and Social/ School Adjustment

Topics: Video game, Aggression, Video game controversy Pages: 1 (345 words) Published: August 6, 2012
"The effects of the violent computer games to the learning performance, behaviour and attitudes of the student"

1. Significance of the study
2. The scope and limitation of the study

Violent Video Games, Aggressive Behaviour, and Social/ School Adjustment By Jason A. Drummond, M.A.|Eric F. Dubow, Ph.D.
Video Game Special Edition Contributor
Over the past 20 years, video games have become increasingly popular in American culture. During this time video games have experienced leaps in technology, such as improved graphics and the ability to play with others either in person or worldwide via the internet (1). As video game popularity has grown and the technology has become more advanced, concern has also grown regarding the effects of violent video game play on children. Previous research has found that the majority of children play violent video games, with younger children playing more frequently than older children (2), and many children play violent video games with other people present (3, 4). Research has also shown, rather consistently, that exposure to video game violence is related to increases in aggressive behavior, lowered levels of empathy, and difficulties in school (4, 6, 7). However, the existing literature has not examined the relation between playing violent video games with others and adjustment. Therefore, it was the purpose of the present study to gather information regarding developmental and gender differences in social video game play and how this game play relates to behavioral, social, and academic adjustment. In the present study, approximately 500 students in the 7th, 9th, and 11th grades completed surveys regarding their solitary and social (i.e., playing with others present or with others who were online) violent video game play as well as their aggressive and positive social behavior, self-perceptions of social competence, and academic adjustment (i.e., grade-point average, negative attitudes towards school, and school...
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