Popular Culture of Violent Video Games

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Popular Culture: Violent Video Games

Popular Culture: Violent Video Games
Violent video games are a form of popular culture that is very controversial in the world today. Various professionals and the society members have argued over the issue of violent video games especially on how the games should be restricted or prohibited to limit their use among the youths. These controversial arguments about violent video games make this kind of popular culture an interesting and important topic for popular culture research. For instance, debates have risen over the use of graphic violence in the video games. Studies have indicated that the individuals who participate in playing video games are much likely to be addicted to the games. Moreover, the studies have indicated that the continued participation in violent video games results in individuals developing forms of aggressive behaviors in their real life situations. However, some opposing ideas have come up to indicate that the portrayal of severe aggressions among individuals is not related to video game violence. Further, some studies have also pointed out the exposure of individuals to the video games of violence have positive results, such as enhancing teamwork (Anderson, Gentile, & Buckley, 2008). Therefore, these various perspectives toward the popular culture of violent video games make this topic fascinating and interesting for study. Violent video games have become common in many societies and the games are blamed for various violent behaviors demonstrated by the youth. Violent video games have facilitated the learning of various attributes of popular culture. For instance, the exposure to video games of violence has led to the creation of attitudes among the users of the games in which they indicate that the games are desirable and preferred by many individuals in the society. The popular culture of video games that demonstrate the use of violence is facilitated by media and many individuals learn about the video games every day. This implies that the society members exposed to the games continue increasing each day. Therefore, the prevalence of violent video games in the society is a form of culture that people consume in their daily lives (Lee, 2004). Because of the spread of the culture of video games of violence, it is important to ascertain how the society views the culture, especially the perceived consequences of the popular culture among the many individuals who take a substantial amount time playing the video games that exhibit violence. Violent video games are common across the various segments of the society. For instance, according to the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) twenty percent of the players of the games are boys aged below seventeen years whereas 26% of the video games players are aged above fifty years. The average player of the video games is aged 34. An earlier study indicates that most youths love playing video games as frequently as they come across them. Though the video games are rated as either M, for mature, or AO, for adult only, most youths access them and they indicate that the games rated M or AO are their favorites. In America, Adult individuals form the largest segment of the society with which the violent video games are becoming more prevalent. Statistics show that up to 32% of violent video games players are adults. Nevertheless, most critics hold that all children in the American society have access to video games with violent themes (Sparks, 2010). In terms gender, females account for 40% percent of video games players. From an earlier study conducted in Florida, the analysis of 33 games shows that 41% of the games did not contain female characters. However, 28 percent of the video games portrayed women as objects of sexual activities while 30% of the games lacked a representation of females. The studies also indicate that the videos that...
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