Violent Video Games

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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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Constructing the Con Speech
I. Introduction
• In 2011, the Supreme Court rightfully ruled against a law that wanted to make it illegal for minors to purchase violent video games on the claims that these types of game cause violent behavior. • The court over ruled it stating that it was unconstitutional violating both the 1st and the 14th amendments. My opponent wants to take this law even further by banning the use of these games to any minor under the age of 18, however I believe that this will decline youth there constitutional rights as a citizen of the United States. • Today I will be discussing the casual link between violence and violent video games, and how this law will interfere with the constitutional amendments. II. Body

A. Significance/harms/III
The reason this law was created was because of a belief that violent video games cause violent behavior in adolescent youth. 1. According to ESA (Entertainment Software Association) In the period form 1985-2008 video game sales have more than quadrupled, while violent juvenile crime in the United States has declined 2. On the other hand, The FBI issued a report that states that the arrest rate for juvenile murders has fallen 71.9% between 1995 and 2008. 3. The arrest rate for all juvenile violent crimes has declined 49.3%. 4. The problem there in hand doesn’t lie within the parameters of violent video games, it lies with parenting and other unforeseen issues. B. Inherency/Blame

The main drive in this law is that violent video games contribute to violent behavior in minors. However, this is not true. 1. Studies show no conclusive evidence that directly links adolescent aggression to violent video games. • Studies are poorly designed and unreliable

2. 2004 Secret Service review of school attacks found 1/8th of attackers showed interest in violent video games. Less than all other media, including movies,...
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