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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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Raymond Force
Eng. 12c c

Violent video games

Do you believe that violence in video games can or will cause violence in young children? Statistics show that juvenile crime rates went down almost fifty percent when video games fist came out. I believe that violence in video games does not induce violence in children. Violent video games

Do not induce violence in adolescents
The topic I am covering is that violent videogames do NOT induce violence in young adults/children. Physicist David Deutsch says that video games are very good for children. He also says that videogames create a world of learning that is better than most books, because of how interactive they are. Video games are a breakthrough in human culture (glazer, 2). Meaning that there was nothing close to videogames in all of human history, there were books, and before that there was no learning device other than speech or doing it yourself. There is only a history of this controversy as long as video games have been around, but shorter than that because in videogames early years there were almost no violence in most of the games. Like pong for example you would only hit a ball back and forth, sounds boring right but in actuality it were so popular in its day then something better replaced it (glazer, 2). A never ending sequence where video games will only advance as time goes on. This is an arguable issue because of the belief that video games are bad for you but, there was and is no proof that video games are bad for you. This has been an issue for about as long as the N64 has been around. The two sides of the issue are that violent video games are bad for kids and those violent video games are good/ok for children(glazer, 2). Now I believe that very young kids should not play violent video games because they are annoying during online play. You have to be a certain age to play online as well so they are also being given online accounts. However bad that is I still...
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