Violence in the World

Topics: Knight Ridder, Human, Violence Pages: 2 (371 words) Published: November 17, 2008
Violence in the World

Angela McDonald

Socioeconomic Perspectives

Professor Whited

June 2, 2008

Thesis Statement

“In violence we forget who we are.” (Mary Mccarthy). Violence has of course been around probably since human kind was created. Human beings are filled with emotions and unfortunately, anger is one of them which sometimes can not be controlled. Anger is very dangerous when that anger turns into violence. Which not only does it affect the person acting out in violence but it impacts who ever is involved in this act of violence.

Violence in the World: An Annotated Bibliography

No one knows exactly why people act out in violence. It could be the way that particular person was raised. It could be a chemical imbalance in their brain. It could be that that person acting out in violence just enjoys it. What ever the reason may be, it definitely affects our world and as the years go on, slowly buy surely the violence is being addressed. .In sixteenth-century Paris, a popular form of entertainment was cat-burning, in which a cat was hoisted in a sling on a stage and slowly lowered into a fire. According to historian Norman Davies, "The spectators, including kings and queens, shrieked with laughter as the animals, howling with pain, were singed, roasted, and finally carbonized." If that were to happen in the world today, the world would take action and see to it that it came to an end. Even though the violence is seen more today, that does not mean it has become worse, it just means, the world is acknowledging the effects it has and is taking strong action against it.


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