Violence and the Media

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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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Violence and the Media
Joshua Verana
California State University Fresno
Spring 2013

TOPIC: Violence and the media.
GENERAL PURPOSE: This speech will persuade.
SPECIFIC PURPOSE: The purpose of this speech is to persuade others to be more cautious about the acts of violence that can effect children displayed in the media. THESIS: This speech is not to condemn violence in the media, but rather inform people that violence in the media can influence children and that grownups should supervise what younger children see on the media, and show more suitable things for youth to see. INTRODUCTION: In today's society we are surrounded by the media due to the technological age we are in. It is hard to escape the media since it surrounds us everywhere and at anytime. CENTRAL IDEA: Aggressive children and violence in the media have a positive correlation. It is well known that children tend to watch lots of TV. We also know that violence in the media sells. In fact, according to The National Center For Children Exposed to Violence “Violence sells so well that several TV programs that contain violence average six violent acts per hour” (NCCEV - Media Violence., 2005). PREVIEW: Today I will be discussing the issue of violence in the media that is easily accessible to children. I will first be talking about violence and the media as deadly combination. Next I will be talking about how children were affected by being exposed to such violence. Finally, I will discuss some of the possible actions we can talk to minimize the exposure of violence towards the youths. [Transition: Now that we got an idea of violence and the media, we will now begin to go in more depth.] Body:

Today's media has transitioned into the age of violence.
Kids typically watch television because they need to be kept entertained since kids are restless and need something to do to occupy their time. Now during this day and age devices are inexpensive and widely available to...
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