Vigilantism: Police and Ordinary Citizens

Topics: Police, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Drunk driving Pages: 4 (1310 words) Published: December 2, 2010
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30 November, 2010
Vigilantism Means Vigilance
It is highly unlikely that many of us in the twenty-first century have to worry about cattle rustlers, horse thieves, or claim jumpers. We are probably safe from train robbers, bushwhackers, and Comanche raiding parties as well. Sure we live in the best nation on the planet, but we can not assume our lawmakers and representatives are always going to do what is right or just. Even with the modern conveniences, technology, and public services we enjoy today, there will be circumstances when ordinary citizens have to take an active role in order to keep our streets and neighborhoods safe. Also, we can not take for granted our under-staffed and under-funded law enforcement agencies will always respond quickly enough to protect us in time from all emergencies. Police departments, fire departments, and emergency services do not a safe community make. To ensure safety and freedom in our communities citizens must remain forever vigilant.

We can not forget that the root word of vigilante is ‘vigilant’. According to Webster’s Dictionary vigilant means “alertly watchful, attentive”. Without proper attentiveness our society could slip into anarchy and lawlessness. It is our responsibility as patriotic Americans to be diligent. We owe it to ourselves, our children, and future generations. It is only through diligence, persistence, and perseverance can we keep our children, grandchildren, families, friends, and communities safe from drug dealers, drunk drivers, criminals, and random acts of violence. Over the years some extremists have used excessive force and violence to enforce their cause or beliefs. These people, and their organizations, have given vigilant citizens a bad name. As long as we use restraint and possess the moral rectitude to do what is right in times of crisis, vigilantism can provide a valuable service to our communities and neighborhoods,

One of the things that make this country so great is...
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