Criminal Justice Trends

Topics: Police, Crime, Criminal justice Pages: 4 (1525 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Criminal Justice Trends
David Sanders Jr

The criminal justice system is always changing to help secure and protect society. Even though many times areas of law enforcement are over looked due to changes, the facts still remain that the number one priority of law enforcement is to see that the streets that we walk during the day and night are safe and secure even though one main ingredient has been lost with the progression of law enforcement. So in this paper I will focus on evaluate a few areas that have to deal with the past, present and future trends of law enforcement. I will also sum things up and discuss the budgetary and managerial impact that future trends will likely have on law enforcement, courts and corrections. Now when looking at the past efforts of law enforcement and the way that they went about doing their job it can be concluded that law enforcement were more engaged with the people in the community because they went about doing their job totally different then the way that it’s done in today’s society. The reason why is because in the late 1800’s and beginning of the 1900’s many people felt safe in secure in their own homes because they knew that they were being protected and taking care of because law enforcement agents walked the streets and made their presence known. The community worrying about being violated was the least of their concerns because they knew that the law was on their side and watching everything that was going on. One way in particular that made the community feel safe had to do with the fact that that law enforcement agents would walk, stop, and talk to the people in the community and get to know them by name and take advantage of the conversation on how they could serve them better. Simply put the community knew the police and the police knew the community. So with that being said a relationship was able to be formed to make the community and the police one because each party wanted the same...
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