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Su Tong is a pen name of Tong Zhonggui. He was born in 1963 in Suzhou and now living in Nanjing with his family. Su Tong is not only a greater writer which 20th century last stages appears, but also he is the representative writer of the vanguard literature and is one of the founders of "neo-historicism" novel (Jing). Vanguard literature is a kind of literature, which is against the traditional culture and deliberate violation of the principles of conventional creation and appreciation of the literary habits, and one-sided pursuit of artistic form and style of the novel. As usually, the vanguard literature writers through different kind of suggests, metaphor, symbol, association and imagery to explore people's inner life. Otherwise, the narrative structure method of vanguard literature is also different from with the traditional literature. Compared with traditional literature, many of the vanguard literature are not focusing on talking about a complete story. It pays more attention on how the story out (Tang). Su Tong as a pioneer of the vanguard literature, his works is followed by the style of the vanguard literature. In the Su Tong’s novel, the main theme are made up of the desire words in human nature, rebelling against and escaping with the life of destiny and constructing the solving of the history and culture hard (Jing). “To Escape” is one of his outstanding works. The main story of “To Escape” talks about Chen Sanmai’s life and three times he escapes. Chen Sanmai spends his whole life for escaping from something him afraid until he died. This paper will begin with a discussion of the story's spatial structure and an exploration into the symbolic meaning of the kites in relation to the Chen Sanmai’s life. Spatial Structure of “To Escape”

Firstly I will deconstruct the spatial structure of “To Escape”. Spatial structure, as one element of narrative structure, is a kind of the framework of a story, which shows how a story is told by the writer. However, a spatial structure should not be interpreted only in a geometric or morphologic sense. A spatial structure is completely described following by the arrangement of objects or events, which is different from temporal structure (Elissalde). As we know, temporal structure also is one element of narrative structure, which means that the story is told followed by the time development. Compared with the temporal structure, the spatial structure is focus on the objects or events of the story, which means that the story is told by plan of each objects or events in stand of following for the time development. In the “To Escape” the main object or event of whole story is Chen Sanmai’s escape. He keeps escaping from beginning of the story to the end of story. According to this object, which is escape, the whole story can be divided into three parallel sections. The first section is about Chen Sanmai’s first escape. The whole story is beginning with Chen Sanmai’s first escape. His wife doubts that he has some venereal diseases and blames him, so Chen Sanmai decides to escape from his wife, his family and his hometown to other place and then joins the army. In this part, the writer just focuses on the event of the escape and doesn’t explain lots of background and the situation. Similar with the first section, the second section starts with Chen Sanmai returns back to maple village. In the first instance Chen Sanmai is regarded as a hero, who comes back from the war, but with the development of the story, we can know that Chen Sanmai is not a real hero. He is an army deserter from the war, which is his second time of escape. The last section shows that as an army deserter, Chen Sanmai always believes and fears that somebody will come to catch and sent him back to army, which leads him escapes from his wife, family and hometown again. He runs to other place and tries to avoid something, but finally he dies in a place far from home. These three parts are not followed...
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