On Running Away

Topics: Risk, Decision theory, Decision making Pages: 3 (967 words) Published: October 1, 2012
To what extent can an individual reconcile his independence that forms his identity with the pattern that provides safety? An achievement of independence is the beauty that creates life, however, life --as fragile it may be--, requires security. In the biographical essay "On Running Away", the author, John Keats implies that in order to reconcile the desire to act independently with the need for security an individual will be forced to make a decision between the two.

An individual creates a perspective upon his memories of youthful life; a substance of reliance in his current day. In the text, reflecting to his treasured memories, John Keats states that "whoever I am is whatever my memories have made me". For him, the significance of his moments pursues his identity into independence that he holds today. He has made an identity for himself that defines him as an independent person, one who he understands and gets along with. Although, Keats chose his desire for independence over comforting security, he is the map of all puzzles of his journey put together in one. Looking back from now, after twenty five years Keats believes that every individual "in his own way and at his own time, ventures as far as he chooses to dare in search of himself". This quote reflects to his summer journey in "Michigan" right after he graduated high school. Escape it may be leaving the past life behind, but “he is running toward something: toward life; toward himself” that has brought him to a place of hard work-ship, surrounded by people that are truer then the people he knew back home. Although Keats risked his journey not reconciling independence with the need of security because of his young, restless legs, a perspective that he holds now upon his unforgettable memories allows him to move forward day to day, class to class following the regular pattern like everybody else in his hometown, New Jersey.

As a young adult, it is the stage of life for individuals to have...
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