Vietnamese Abroaders: Culture Shock in the U.S.

Topics: Culture, Sociology, Anthropology Pages: 20 (5043 words) Published: March 10, 2012
Two years has passed by so fast that we hardly recognize it. It is the end of second years in Foreign Trade University, coming with a lot of final tests and assignments. We have done a research for the first time in our student’s life, and there have been so many difficulties. In order to complete our research, there are a lot of people we need to say “thanks”. First and foremost, we would like to express our gratitude to our wonderful instructor Nguyen Thi Mai Nhung, as well as other amazing lecturers of the Business English Falcuty at Foreign Trade University, for the precious guidance. For the last three months, they have encouraged and supported us all the time. Their proficient knowledge, together with dedication, has helped us accomplish our thesis. We are also grateful to our friends studying in America for providing us with important materials for our research finding. We know that most of you are very busy with stressful examination. Therefore, we really appreciate your time and effort. Finally, we need to thank those who give us valuable comments on our writing.

Table of Contents
List of tables and figures
Chapter 1: An overview of Culture Shock
The definition of Culture
Characteristics of Culture
Culture Shock – A process
The definition of Culture Shock
Phases of Culture shock
Symptoms of Culture Shock
Daily Life
Chapter 2: Situations of Vietnamese Students in California
Brief Introduction to America and California
Comparison between American Values and Vietnamese Values
Vietnamese youngsters’ attitude toward studying in the USA
Research Findings
Setting and Sampling

There has been a rising demand for studying abroad in these recent years. To many students, the United States seems to be a dreamy destination. They are repeatedly confronted by questions about life in the United States whether it is beautiful like movies or not. We are certain about one thing: oversea students have to face with cultural pluralism, and it is likely that most of them find it hard to get used to a totally new lifestyle. In this case, these students have probably encountered culture shock. As many Vietnamese students long for coming to the United States to study, our group decides to conduct this research to get them well prepared not only academically but also culturally. In addition, all members in our group are much concerned about culture-related issues, and we have many friends attending American colleges or universities to inspire and encourage us to choose this topic. Objectives

Given the benefits to those who are aiming at choosing America to study, the research is designed to explain why many people, in general, may feel shocked when coming here for the first time. We will identify the situations in which culture shock usually happens to increase students’ understanding of the real life in America. Some recommendations will be presented at the final part of the research with a view to partly helping students overcome and adapt to new environment. After carrying out this research, we expect to seek answers to these questions:

How do the students feel right after arriving California?
Which difficulties do they encounter in daily life?
If they face with culture shock, how do they overcome it? Methodology of the Study
In term of collecting data, we decide to use both quantitative methodology and qualitative one. For quantitative methodology, questionnaire through Google spreadsheet is utilized among 50 abroad students. Then data is automatically collected and processed with Google Spreadsheet. For qualitative methodology, we mainly base on literature review and background knowledge. We will be examining the progress of Vietnamese students before and after arriving in America, describe what they have experienced and how they response to the different culture. We try our best to...
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