Video Games Do More Good Than Harm

Topics: Video game, Video game genres, Massively multiplayer online game Pages: 3 (1282 words) Published: April 1, 2012
During the past two decades, the industry of video games has really prospered. From the earliest cathode ray tube amusement device to today’s high tech gaming consoles, the advancement in video games is truly evident. But like all other technological advancements, the field of video gaming faces many suspicions about it being beneficial or harmful. Most parents really concern about their kids when they see them spending their time glued in front of the computer screens playing computer games. They believe that games are just a matter of time wastage which in addition can cause social and health problems. But is this concern really genuine. Is playing games only a matter of time wastage? The answer to this question is simply “NO”. Modern research suggests that video games have many benefits that are often overlooked. There is much opposition that is provided as evidence against playing video games. One such opposition is that playing video games lessens one’s social interaction. But modern research shows that instead of forfeiting existing friendships, teenagers that log into online multiplayer gaming actually increase their friend circle and thereby increase their social interaction. An article, “How gaming is all work and no Play”, by the BBC News presents a three year study by Brunel University academics shows that through online multiplayer gaming, teenagers of different ages come and interact with each other in a very socially active manner. And thus this helps in their character development and improves their social interaction. Another very widespread opposition to video games is that violent video games can cause real world violent behavior in the gamers who play those games. The argument says that the increasing number of violence and aggressiveness in video games lead the younger generation to act in such a way and indulge in violent activities. There have been different researches about that particular issue but the findings or the results do not...
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