Video Games and Violence

Topics: Violence, Aggression, Video game controversy Pages: 3 (897 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Video Games and Violence

Violent video games have had an effect on children and teens for many years now. Children and teens who play video games most of the time play for fun or entertainment purposes. However, what the parents do not understand about this era’s violent video games is that the violence in today’s video games is worst then what they think it is. Some people believe that violent video games are influencing the children and teens to commit violent crimes and are the cause for many of the crimes that are committed today. Others believe the total opposite. They believe that violent video games reduce the violence in children and teens. Children and teens that play violent video games may or may not have a case of confusion, aggression, or behavioral problems.

According to Gentile and Anderson (2003) playing video games with violence in them can cause aggression in children or teens to increase. Children and teens that spends most of their time playing violent video games are believed to develop aggressive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors (Anderson & Bushman, 2001). Some researchers even say that watching violence on television has a negative effect on children and teens (Huesman and Eron, 1986). Anti-social video games can also evoke aggressive thoughts, which can lead to a child or teen doing aggressive acts (Greitemeyer and Osswald, 2011). Playing violent video games may at first be about having a good time but playing an excessive amount at a time can have a negative effect on children and teens.

Violent video games may also cause a case of confusion when children or teens play violent video games. Instead of teaching them that violence is wrong and not acceptable behavior but in the eyes of children and teens that are playing, it teaches them that violence is a way to resolve their conflicts and problems, to run away from their issues (Carll, 2007). Therefore, children and teens will most likely confuse them into...
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