Violence Linked to Video Games Rough Draft

Topics: Violence, Aggression, Crime Pages: 2 (829 words) Published: March 5, 2012
Violence Linking to Video Games

Most believe that video games do not promote violence in people. They don’t know how it doesn’t register in peoples mind that you are your own controller. When children play video games they get mad and become angry when they lose, but the doesn’t get them so mad to want to commit a violent crime. Sure they have theories, but have they proven anything. Violent behaviors are done by you and you only. Did the video game make you go and commit a crime. According to David Bickham, a staff scientist at Center on Media and Child Health and Children’s Hospital in Boston, “However, there is a widely held misconception that unless children immediately imitate the violence they experience in a video game, they are unaffected by it.” Although some video games feature violent content, that does not mean that they incite violent behavior.

Do video games actually incite violent behaviors in the real world? Well Christopher J. Ferguson thinks so because he says, “Children learn what video games teach, and often that lesson is doing violence.” Scientist say that children that have played violent video games are more aggressive than children that have not played. The more a child plays violent video games the more violent they will become , which increases the likelihood them to be violent. When children play video games they become physically and mentally agitated, beginning to think aggressively and become violent. The excessive rage alter with the age of the individuals because younger children do not know the difference between the game and real life occurrences. Mark and Keisha Hoerrner have a story to back up this theory of video games create violent actions, “Thomas isn’t a programmer or network engineer, though he’s considering that as a possibility for the future. He doesn’t have to worry about that now, though—he’s only 13 years old and has a long time to make up his mind about a career. For now, he’s content with the fact that in...
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