Video Game Fanatics

Topics: Video game console, Video game, Game Pages: 2 (451 words) Published: January 20, 2013
Antonio Parker
Mr. Salem
ENGL101-Unit 1-IP
13 January 2013

Video Game Fanatics

My name is Antonio Parker and I’m here to write an essay about people who play video games nonstop, twenty-four seven, without rest. I chose this topic to specify the social behavior in people who play video games from a rare to an extremely high basis. I’ve always wondered how games impact children and, to why they play them. Video games, as of today are becoming a childhood leisure activity, and adults respond with concern about the possibility of bad effects of the games on children I had to look into this because when I was growing up playing video games like Atari 7800 and Coleco Vision, gaming wasn’t as exciting, but several years later, between the same time Atari was about to fail, Nintendo was introduced and since then, video games within the past two decades have slowly, but surely, started to lift heads, and have now erupted into a twenty billion dollar industry in the U.S economy. I, myself, am a gamer, one of world’s biggest fans when it comes to videos. So yes, I’ve been playing video games since my mother put a joystick in my hands at the age of five. I get very excited when playing, watching, or when someone brings up gaming, I’m in the middle of that conversation. Every gaming console from Nintendo, Sega, Neo Geo, PlayStation, Turbo Grafx 16, PC, and the most talked about game system, Xbox, I have purchased all to start a collection. I must say that I admit of being a video game fanatic. I used to play video games for roughly six to eight hours a day without rest. Being able to witness some my friends that play video games on a consistent basis, I come to believe that it is needed to be seen and to understand how a simple one-player game to multiplayer online-role playing games affect people in real life. When I watch G4TV to look at live events on video games, there would be a group people dress up as their favorite video game character as though...
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