Video Conferencing

Topics: Videotelephony, Videophone, Videoconferencing Pages: 2 (297 words) Published: June 4, 2011

➢ Business video conferencing strategies span a wide-range of interests, as lawyers may use this type of system to prevent unnecessary client billing in regards to holding important meetings.

➢ Travel time, money, and energy are saved for both parties when video conferencing provides the perfect medium at which vital decisions are made and important questions answered. In this situation, one of the advantages to holding a videoconference is that confidentiality is not broken.

➢ Big business stands to save a lot of money, time, and employee productivity through the use of video conferencing. Thousands of dollars in travel expenses accumulate on a yearly basis when representatives are sent to persuade a client or conduct a meeting to seal a large business deal

➢ Sometimes, the use of business video conferencing allows the transfer of informative presentations across the Internet to replace the frequency or need for companies to schedule costly business trips. This becomes an important money-saving business approach, especially when in regards to the "courtship" period of clients and partners.

➢ Instead of using the informal telephone to call business partners and clients, the face-to-face contact that takes place with business video conferencing helps strengthen the bond between clients and company.

➢ By taking advantage of the technological expansion and innovation associated with this form of conferencing, future business relationships become easier to maintain when a friendly face is just a simple Internet connection away.

➢ When it comes to creative endeavors and problem-solving success within a company, business video conferencing permits employees that are positioned in various offices to communicate with one another on collaborative projects.

➢ The visual and audio capabilities of holding a video conference increases productivity and produces the best results that...
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