Business to Business Messages

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  • Published : June 28, 2010
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Business to Business Messages
University of Phoenix
June 4, 2010

Business to Business Messages
There are three important ways to communicate via messages with business-to-business messages. When a business wants to conduct deals with other businesses or get a message across professionally, the company should use the most efficient and professional way to get the message needed to be delivered across. There three ways the organization chose to communicate business-to-business are Video conferencing, E-mail or memos, and Business letters. These three was will provide similarities in proper etiquette and professionalism in order to stress the importance of communication. “Electronic mail, sometimes called email, is a computer based method of sending messages from one computer user to another. These messages usually consist of individual pieces of text which you can send to another computer user even if the other user is not logged in (i.e. using the computer) at the time you send your message.” (University of Birmingham, 2000). When a business sends an e-mail to another business either to conduct continual business or begin new business, the company receiving the e-mail can save the message as hard proof and keep an ongoing file for record purposes. E-mails can be sent as a letter, memo, or as a document with an attachment. The convenience of e-mails is that the business has the option to send the message to one receiver or to multiple receivers simultaneously. The best thing about companies conducting business through e-mail is that the company will have a written record of the information being sent. E-mail also allows a company to transmit complex information fast and conveniently in a matter of minutes across the world. In a descriptive analysis of the e-mail, an individual has multiple options to design the message in which he wishes to send. Example e-mail:

To: John Doe
From: Jane Doe
Date: June 4, 2010...
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