Victorian Attitudes

Topics: Marriage, Victoria of the United Kingdom, Victorian era Pages: 2 (304 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Victorian Attitudes – Zoe Buchanan
During Queen Victoria’s reign, Women were supposed to stay in the home. They were supposed to do household chores, cooking cleaning and stay and look after the children.


Most poor women worked in the workhouse, or in factories. Sometimes they did work but told no-one about it, so that they could have money without their husbands knowing.

A dowry is any form of goods (i.e. money, property etc.) that a bride may bring to her husband as a gift. It was believed that the dowry would help prevent suffering or abuse towards the bride. Also, should the bride become a widow, she can inherit the dowry back .

The rules when a couple were engaged, was the following:-
* No young lady is allowed to drive alone with her fiancé * No young lady is allowed to visit the family of her fiancé, unless he has a mother to receive her * The couple are not allowed to go to the theatre alone together * They were not allowed to stay at the same hotel

Divorce was not very expensive in the Victorian times, however it was a hard process. Many unhappy couples stayed together because of “social taboo”, 6..Nannies had lots of jobs to do. Usually, they would be the main role in bringing up the children. They were paid to wash, dress, and amuse the children, as well as take them out, and teach them how to behave. 7…

Baby farming was a term used to describe the process of taking a child or infant in, for a sum of money. Some even adopted their child.

An illegitimate child is a child that is born to an unmarried couple. 9…

Women’s fashion in the Victorian times consisted of corsets and posh dresses generally.
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