Roles of Chilidren and Women in the Industrial Revolutio

Topics: Working class, Social class, Family Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: February 6, 2011
Dionte R. Clark
Western Civ II
November 14.2010

With the revolution starting to boom the need for workers were at an all time high. With no rules, or laws in place to keep children out of the work place. The owners of the mills and mines found a solution to there problem. The children were the ideal workers because they did not have to pay high wages. They were not big enough to pose a serious threat and their education was so poor they did not understand enough of what was going on to question anything. They could also squeeze in between the machines that the adults could no resulting in more machines in the work place. The reason for the children being the work class was simple a higher income for the family. The working class family usually worked more and had a higher birth rate and only the high class families could afford to send their children to school.

The role of the women were far more strenuous then the men and the children in this age. They had to go to work almost every day in the mines and the lucky ones worked for the rich families sowing, taking care of the children and also cooking. With doing all of these activities they still had to come home to their own families to do the same work they had been doing all day long. Even though the children had it rough I believe the women had it the worse. Not only did they have to tend with their daily duties and jobs they also had to work up to the due date of their child and the day after which I have found to become an amazing show of strength. With all of the family gone to work it was left up to the old members of the family to watch the children while the parents were at work all day. Most families had up to 10 children, being that having more children meant having a higher income whether it was present or in the future.

The outrage over the inhumane treatment was so slow to sink in because of the work that needed to be done and also the need for money. Everyone that...
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