Victoria's Secret Marketing Plan

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  • Published : February 15, 2011
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Victoria’s Secret

Dominika Wolfova
MK 300 – Principles of Marketing
Ivan Žáry
Marketing Plan
Jun 4, 2010

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Marketing Objectives
Products or Services
Resources Needed
Projected Outcomes

Company Description

Strategic Focus and Plan
Core Competency

Situation Analysis
Internal Focus
External Focus
Industry Analysis/Trends
Competitor Analysis
Company Analysis
Customer Analysis
SWOT Analysis Summary

Market – Product Focus
Marketing and Product Objectives
Target Markets
Points of Difference

Marketing Program
Product and Product Strategy

Data and Projections
Sales Forecasting Methods Used
Sales Data
Financial Projections
Financial Information Systems Needs


Implementation Plan
People Required
Manufacturing, Financial and Other Resources Needed

Evaluation and Control


Appendix A: Biographical Sketches of Key Personnel

Executive Summary

Victoria’s Secret is an underwear company specialized for women almost any age. It is a part of Limited Brands portfolio, which owns Victoria's Secret Pink, Bath & Body Works, C.O. Bigelow, La Senza, White Barn Candle Co. and Henri Bendel brands. Victoria’s Secret accounts for more than 50% of this portfolio. It is the most purchased underwear brand in the United States. Victoria’s Secret offers luxury, sexy, comfortable underwear for women. Moreover, they offer beauty products, cosmetics, clothes and accessories. Victoria’s Secret net sales accounted for $5,604 million in year 2009. Victoria’s Secret owns stores all over the United States, in Canada and sells its products worldwide. Marketing Objectives

Victoria’s Secret earns profit during the whole year, but its profits increase especially during holidays such as Christmas. Victoria’s Secret main goal is to retain number one position in US and increase its profits worldwide. Customers are very important for Victoria’s Secret; they always want to satisfy their needs and wants. In order to do this, they update their collections on a frequent basis, have a successful and effective marketing strategy and their number one priority is customers’ loyalty. Victoria’s Secret main marketing objective now is to expand internationally and successful promotion of their new line ‘Turn Me On’. Products or Services

Victoria’s Secret offers a wide range of products from underwear to beauty products. Their products are specialized for women between the ages 15 to 60. Products are a good quality and for a low price. They offer sexy lingerie, comfortable lingerie, push up bras, attractive bras, different types of panties, sleep and lounge, corsets, and more. Victoria’s Secret offers gifts cards, gift-wrapping, return service or delivery service. Customers can complain, ask questions and find frequently asked questions or any information on their web page, Customers can also sign up on this web page, order products or catalogue either printed or online, and customers can sign up and Victoria’s Secret will be sending them periodically offers. Victoria’s Secret wants to launch their new lingerie line ‘Turn Me On’ which is specialized for women who wants to feel and wear something even more sexy, attractive and racy not on daily basis. Moreover, this new line comes with additional features and services. Victoria’s Secret will offer a personalization of every item from this new line. [pic]

Resources Needed

In order to launch the new product line ‘Turn Me On’ needs $300, 000 for the preparation of these products. Moreover, this money will be used for promotion and its advertising of new line. Of course, the people who usually work...
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