Veterinarian Technician

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A veterinarian is one who is qualified and authorized to treat diseases and injuries of animals. Veterinarians are employed by wildlife preserves, animals parks, zoos, and aquatic installations. The federal, state and city governments see veterinarians in the research and their treatments of animals who have diseases that can spread to humans, or who have been neglected, abused, or more. Veterinary training includes two to four years at an approved college of veterinary medicine, training, etc. A licensing examination has to be passed before they even practice veterinary medicine. There are about twenty-one veterinary colleges in the United States. About 1,400 people graduate from these colleges. These people are trained in the prevention of diagnosis and treatment of animals.

There are many different forms of veterinary practices, though 70% limit their practice to small or household pets, some veterinarians specialize in farm animals. A veterinarian in general practice and treats all animals. There are many fields that a veterinarian practitioner does which include: research- experimentation with drugs, therapies, procedures, development of medications, vaccines, and studying the effect of animal nutrition on health.

Armed Forces-inspection of meat, food, and facilities, the study of the effects of space travel on animals, the study of nuclear effects on animals
public health-study and prevention of the transmission of diseases from animal to animal or from animal to human, inspection of restaurant food governmental agencies-safeguarding ports of entry into the United States, reporting incidence of disease, epidemic prevention

teaching-teaching at colleges and universities
zoos and wildlife management-maintenance and reproduction of species in appropriate surroundings
agriculture-prevention and treatment of disease in work/food-producing animals, raising and caring for animals for profit (breeding, etc.)
pets-safeguarding animal and human...
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