Veterans Benefits

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  • Published: October 24, 2010
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Veteran’s benefits
Topic: Improving veterans benefit system
Purpose: To change the time it takes for a veteran to receive their benefits. Thesis: To persuade congress to change how and when benefits are established. Do you know someone who receives Veterans Benefits? Do you know how long for them to get their benefits or if they received them at all? Contemplate that and reach out to your family member or friend that is a veteran and see what kind of answers you get. Good morning Classmates, Staff, and members of Congress,

Hello my name is Jerry Tinsley,
Today I am here to talk to you to changes that need to be made in veteran compensation rules and regulations regarding veterans receiving their benefits in a timely manner. As you know we have many veterans coming home from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that have receive injuries that have changed their lives forever and there are those that have not returned and their families are faced with obstacles or barriers they have to overcome just to receive the benefits that are due. We have men and women of our Armed forces that are waiting 6 months to a year or in some cases long just to receive those benefits. Here recently I encountered a Veteran here in the Medford area that came home from Iraq and his squad was hit by a roadside bomb in June of 2008, he was hit with shrapnel in his face, chest and arms he lost his right arm in this attack and he receive appropriate care at Walter Reed Army hospital. He came home last year over a year of therapy being fitted with a prosthetic arm, and figured he would be fine when he came back home. He has been seen here locally once by the prosthetics department, and was referred to a clinic in Portland to receive the additional therapy he will need. That all fine, the problem is he cannot afford to go back and forth to Portland to continue, he receives a check each month for $899.00 that’s 50% for his disability. He is expected to pay out his pocket to go to therapy...
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