Veolia B2B Marketing

Topics: Environmentalism, Veolia Environnement, Water supply Pages: 6 (1351 words) Published: October 23, 2010
‘Veolia Environnement Communication Strategy’

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Executive summary

Waste management, water and energy are all synonyms of today’s society’s growing concern. With the effects of global warming increasing there is more pressure from all governments and society as a whole to contribute to environmental awareness and amelioration. Thus this provides a durable sector for businesses to expand in. Veolia Environnement is a multinational organization that attempts to reduce the amount of waste creating pollution through special systems and recycling management.

Such an imposing MNC requires special attention from society in order to continue to expand and create awareness. For this reason Public Relations and specialized marketing are employed. This paper discusses the communication strategy used to attract their target market. We discover that Veolia places great importance on both internal PR to satisfy their employees and stakeholders, and external PR to expose and enhance their brand image. Moreover we discover that Veolia differentiate themselves by being focused on the customer and knowing their target client perfectly well as well as customizing a solution to the clients exact needs.

In this communication analysis we have reviewed the important factors of the company from a SWOT analysis to a PESTEL analysis. The micro and macro environmental results show that Veolia Environment is the leader in environmental services, encountering the areas of water, waste, and energy. Their strengths also remain in the fact that despite a difficult period during the financial crisis, Veolia Environment managed to turn their challenges into opportunities, thus continuing to strive to stay strong. Their main threats are their direct competitors as well as security and union difficulties in under-developed countries. Nevertheless they possess a strong legal system that helps deviate these sorts of problems.

We have included an advertising analysis as well as the PR strategies of the company going from the internal to the external aspects.

We have found that Veolia has become a global leader in the environmental sector mainly due to their admirable industrial skills, advanced technology and due to their PR and relationship building.

1) Company

Veolia Environmental Services is one of the world’s leading providers of waste management and cleaning services.
 Their activities include the collection, treatment and recycling of solid, liquid and hazardous waste in the municipal, industrial, marine and commercial markets. Veolia environment serves more than 70 million people worldwide across 42 countries.

As part of their integrated approach to waste, they operate a number of technologically advanced solutions that are able to convert waste into a valuable energy resource that would otherwise result in the use of fossil fuels.

Their Mission statement being: Preserving the environment is our universal challenge. »

2) Competitors

Veolia Environment views public water operators as its main competitors, and has regularly attacked them, Drawing on latest European Court of Justice case law on public procurement, the company asked the Commission to extend the requirements for competitive tenders to public-public partnerships potentially preventing any public authority from entrusting an economic activity to another without having to lead a competitive call to tender.

Other competitors include the following:
➢ Severn Trent
➢ Air Liquide
➢ Green star
➢ Kansai

3) Customers
Clients: 67% public authorities, 33% industrial companies


Target & Segmentation

Waste management is a necessary public health procedure that is highly promoted by governmental policies. Companies such as Veolia...
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