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  • Published : March 15, 2013
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Elements of a Promotional Mix
What kind of advertising is done by the Rocket Shop? Explain all that apply. Promotional advertising, which is when the goal is to increase sales, is mainly used by the Rocket Shop. This form advertising targets the student body at Moon Valley High School and is used to promote a new product or advertise an existing one along with advertising the store itself. The Rocket Shop effectively demonstrates this promotion through their use of school announcements, their logo on the back of the athlete of the week shirts, and even with the marquee located in front of the store. Does the Rocket Shop use personal selling to sell its products? Explain. The Rocket Shop does in fact use personal selling to sell its products since personal selling is the direct contact between the salesperson and the customer. It falls under the category of retail selling since the customers come to the store. However, since the customers have to ask the Rocket Shop employees for their desired product, it forces the direct confrontation between the two and allows the salesperson to offer solutions that meet their needs. Does the Rocket Shop use any sales promotion? Explain. The Rocket Shop only uses one method of sales promotion and that through its marquee. One example of this would be when the shop ordered new flavors of slushy and had it written on the marquee in order to inform potential customers about the new slushy flavors along with increasing the sales of slushies. How could the Rocket shop use public relations to build and promote itself and/or its products? Explain. The Rocket Shop could use public relations to build and promote itself and/or its products by helping with struggling clubs on Moon Valley’s campus. With this, the club could promote the Rocket Shop for helping them in their time of need as well as giving them the reputation of caring about the student body. This method will give them a favorable image and will be able to attract more...
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