Vehicle Accident Intimation and Location Finder Using Gsm and Gps

Topics: Serial port, Global Positioning System, Navigation Pages: 3 (701 words) Published: December 6, 2012
In this Project it is proposed to design an embedded system which is used for tracking and positioning of any vehicle by using Global Positioning System (GPS) and Global system for mobile communication (GSM). 

In this project AT89S52 microcontroller is used for interfacing to various hardware peripherals. The current design is an embedded application, which will continuously monitor a moving Vehicle and report the status of the Vehicle on demand. For doing so an AT89S52 microcontroller is interfaced serially to a GSM Modem and GPS Receiver. A GSM modem is used to send the position (Latitude and Longitude) of the vehicle from a remote place. The GPS modem will continuously give the data i.e. the latitude and longitude indicating the position of the vehicle. The GPS modem gives many parameters as the output, but only the NMEA data coming out is read and displayed on to the LCD. The same data is sent to the mobile at the other end from where the position of the vehicle is demanded. An EEPROM is used to store the mobile number. 

The hardware interfaces to microcontroller are LCD display, GSM modem and GPS Receiver. The design uses RS-232 protocol for serial communication between the modems and the microcontroller. A serial driver IC is used for converting TTL voltage levels to RS-232 voltage levels. 

When the request by user is sent to the number at the modem, the system automatically sends a return reply to that mobile indicating the position of the vehicle in terms of latitude and longitude.

Block Diagram:
Circuit Diagram:
Circuit Operation:

The project is vehicle positioning and navigation system we can locate the vehicle around the globe with 8052 micro controller, GPS receiver, GSM modem, MAX 232, EEPROM. Microcontroller used is AT89S52. The code is written in the internal memory of Microcontroller i.e. ROM. With help of instruction set it processes the instructions and it acts as interface between GSM and GPS with help of serial...
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