Vark Analysis

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  • Published : August 19, 2010
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VARK Analysis

VARK Analysis
Family Health Promotion
August 12, 2010

VARK Analysis
There are several methods used to determine learning styles. “A learning style is, rather, a description of a process, or of preferences. Any inventory that encourages a learner to think about the way that he or she learns is a useful step towards understanding, and hence improving, learning” (Fleming, N., & Baume, D., 2006, p.4). . One of the most commonly used learning styles is the Fleming VARK model. VARK stands for visual, auditory, reading and writing and kinesthetic learners. This model focuses on the best way for a student to learn and retain new information based on sensory modality. “The only perceptual modes, or senses, it does not address are taste and smell” (Thomas, H. F., Shah, A. J., 2007). When a student knows his/her learning style preferences, he/she is able to learn more effectively and store and recall the information being taught. My learning style was identified as multimodal, consisting of auditory and reading and writing preferences. In the past, I have mainly used reading and writing as the way to learn. According to the VARK analysis I now have to incorporate auditory learning in order to efficiently and effectively learn new information better. Learning Style

Having aural and reading and writing categories as my strong points means I am multimodal. The aural mode includes information being spoken or heard. In today’s society, information is mainly conveyed through speech. An aural student learns the best via speaking, phones, lectures, group discussions, and talking things through. My strongest method of learning is reading and writing. This means I have a preference for information being relayed as words. I am used to reading information in books and internet and then writing the material I just read into my own words. This helps me to process and retain information longer than just reading or listening. The VARK model was designed to...
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