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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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VARK Analysis
Jasper McMeans
Grand Canyon University: NRS-429V-O101
February 10, 2013

VARK Analysis

Learning strategies are different ways that we’re able to understand information quicker and more efficiently. There are several ways an individual can analyze their ability to comprehend information. Introducing the Vark questionnaire, An Analytical way of determining an individual’s learning preference. This process is an assessment of a learner’s different learning traits and their ability to retain and process information. V.A.R.K, (Visual, Auditory, Reading and writing, and Kinesthetic), this acronym was developed by Neil Fleming of New Zealand. According to ( he is a full time educator that has worked in a variety of setting and continues to travel the world in his effort to expand this learning tool. This questionnaire consists of 16 questions that are multiple-choice. Once complete a comparison of the result indicates whether a person is more likely to retain information better by either of the methods of study listed above. Conducting the analysis it’s revealed the student’s method of learning style is comparable to the multimodal style of learning. This style of learning would allow the student to learn using a varied of instruction or didactic and comprehend the information. As well as written instruction may re-enforce the teaching with differences of approach and comprehend both methods of teaching.


Strategies the students can uses vary across the VARK help-sheets, one might attend class to listen to lectures, or review diagrams that pertain to the class materials. The student may also consider taking notes on lecture and review these note and read them aloud or possibly audio taping there readings to play back while exercising or driving. These are all good strategies that a student can benefits from.
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