Variations of Love

Topics: Emotion, Love, Meaning of life Pages: 3 (1007 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Variations of Love
There are many ways of finding ideal love. There is love that can be promising with no flaws and there is love that can be impossible to fine. John Donne wrote two poems that show a negative and a positive view on love. The “Song,” by Donne talks about the struggle of love in the narrator’s life and the view of women. It is a very short poem, but has a very powerful meaning towards women, that they are dishonest and are very deceiving. It has a very negative tone and he tends to exaggerate giving examples on how women are neither true nor fair. The “Valediction,” by Donne talks about their love being so powerful that nothing can separate their love. The meaning for the poem “Valediction,” is that if someone believes love will last, then it will continue. The tone of this poem is positive and uses many metaphors to explain his true love for his wife. In the “Song” and “Valediction” have different figures of speech that are used to show each narrators view on ideal love.

John Donne expresses tone in both poems that each show different meanings of love. Love can be negative or positive which can be seen in the tone of the narrators. The “Song”, shows vivid details that explains his negativity towards a woman. The chance to find love is impossible because every woman he sees or meets is not a true or faithful one. The narrator wants a woman that can be truthful in his daily life and be fair to him. John Donne uses tone that shows the love he is looking for is completely impossible. For example in the first stanza John Donne says, “Get with child a mandrake root”, which means to get a woman pregnant, but it is impossible to get a plant pregnant. Another example that the narrator says to make his tone sound annoyed is, “Teach me to hear mermaids singing,” is impossible for any human being to be allowed to hear mermaids sing. Mermaids do not exist in real life and if they could sing human society could not understand their language. The first...
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