Taxonomy of Love

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Do you know about the Taxonomy of Love? The Taxonomy

of Love is a theory that practices belief in five types of love

Eros, Ludus, Storge, Mania, and Pragma. The great

William Shakespeare wrote the tragic tale of Romeo and

Juliet, which can perfectly be related to the Taxonomy of

Love. Because Romeo is an Eros lover and Juliet is a

Mania lover they are more likely to become tragic heroes.

I believe Romeo is an Eros lover because he is indeed

ready for love in all of its aspects and idealizes and almost

fantasizes about his life with Juliet. Juliet on the other hand is what I would say fits into the description of a

Mania lover. Juliet is a Mania lover because she wants to

see Romeo daily, even when he is banished from the town,

and because she becomes fiercely preoccupied with

thoughts of Romeo and needs his love. Two examples that

support Romeo being an Eros lover are the fact that he

killed himself for Juliet’s love and the sheer idea that he

even after being banished from the town an being threatened

with death if he returned still snuck inside the village to see Juliet.

Two examples that support Juliet’s love for Romeo being

Mania are her not only wanting to see Romeo daily but the

Idea that if she didn’t see her dear Romeo she became vastly upset

and never wanted him to leave her presence. The second

reason that supports Juliet being a Mania lover is the fact

that she was completely aware of Romeo’s banishment from

the town she still could not simply end the forbidden relationship.

My first quote from Romeo and Juliet that I feel explains

Why Romeo is an Eros lover comes from (Act V, scene III, lines 68-73.)

In lines 68-73 lies the battle between Romeo and Paris

That leads to Paris’ death. The battle begins by Paris saying “I do defy thy conjuration/ and apprehend thee for a felon here”./ Romeo then says “Wilt thou provoke me? Then have at thee, boy!”/ Page says “O Lord, they fight! I will go call the watch./ Paris then utters the words O, I am slain! If thou be merciful,/ Open the tomb, Lay me with Juliet”. After those words Paris dies.

The quote listed above shows pure implications that Romeo’s

Love is indeed that of the Eros style. This shows implications

Because one of the guidelines that goes along with being an

Eros lover are that you have to be ready for love and all of its risks.

That being said, Romeo took the ultimate risk of fighting Paris who is

The kinsman to the Prince who threatened Romeo with death if he were to step foot in the town.

Also, the very fact that even after Page said he was going to get the watch

Romeo still stood his ground with Paris and risked being apprehended and put to death.

The second quote comes from (Act V, scene III, lines 191-120

Romeo says “Here’s to my love! Drinks. O true Apothecary!/

Thy drugs are quick. Thus with a kiss I die”.

This also falls under the guidelines of being an Eros lover

Because Romeo once again, takes a risk for love. The risk

Romeo took this time was the ultimate risk in which was his life.

Being that he took his own life for Juliet shows true Eros love

Being that he would not only die for her but would even go to hell for her.

I will now give two quotes as to which support Juliet being a Mania lover.

My first quote comes from (Act V, scene III, lines 175-176)

Juliet says “This is thy sheath; there rust, and let me die./ She stabs herself and falls on Romeo’s body.

This is the perfect example of Mania love because Juliet basically

Implies that seeing Romeo dead and not being able to be with him

Might as well be death. She then kills herself and falls across her dear Romeo’s body.

This goes with the guideline of Mania love because the guideline

Is the idea that the person becomes convinced that life without the partner’s love is hardly worth living.

My second quote that...
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